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Purple House Creations is an Australian hand-made and hand-crafted business. With a twist!


About me

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Robyn who had 5 children. Those children were all unique individuals who required their own special things and stuff.

Thus, after a multitude of years creating and making things for them, I decided it was time to make things for me.

And by me, I mean you, out there.

I have a great love for all things purple, obviously, as well as the dark and kind of creepy with a dash of cute, with glitter.

I've had many years of sewing and crafting experience (aforementioned 5 children) and then their children (4 grandkids so far).

With those skills in hand, I set out to create things that I like - I'm sure many of you would too! I've got:

  • Originality

  • Creativity

  • That special something you are looking for. Come in, have a look. Stay a while... Stay forever!

Not everything is created equal, and for Purple House Creations, that means nothing will be made the same twice. It may look similar on the outside, however we can guarantee it will be different on the inside - and vice-versa!

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